Green Tech Farms

Certified Organic Food Products

Green Tech Farms brings to you pure and organic food products, utilizing sustainable agricultural technology, and renewable energy sources. Cultivating on virgin land, we ensure that the organic food products that reach our consumers are free of chemicals, full of nutrients extracted from a fully fertile land and organic compost; we maintain crop rotation of the organic products to ensure lasting freshness of the land qualities for future.


Services we offer


It is our goal to ensure that sustainable agricultural practices are implemented across Pakistan so that there is efficacious use of resources, and increased agricultural yield from the limited available land and water. In order to do that, we are offering our services to farmers and agricultural practitioners to ensure widespread use of the latest technologies.


Organic agricultural products, harvested on virgin lands and free of any harmful pesticides and chemicals is our core competency at Green Tech Farms. We are planting unique salads, cabbages, garlics and onions that have high nutritional and health effects.


With an efficient value supply chain that connects the farms to the consumers, Green Tech Farms ensures that the products reach their final destination in their original and fresh state. The products are shipped with minimal time delays and delivered to distributors already waiting and engaged for the purpose.

Sustainable Development Practices

Green Tech Farms is a green industry, ensuring implementation of practices that maintain environmental safety, minimal depletion of land and water resources. At our farms and lands, we are using solar energy for irrigation purposes as well as for other needs.