Green Tech Farms

Green Tech Farms brings to you pure and organic food products, utilizing sustainable agricultural technology, and renewable energy sources. Cultivating on virgin land, we ensure that the organic food products that reach our consumers are free of chemicals, full of nutrients extracted from a fully fertile land and organic compost; we maintain crop rotation of the organic products to ensure lasting freshness of the land qualities for future.

Our Vision

To raise the overall standard of health by ensuring provision of and access to wholesome and healthy organic food products. 

Our Mission

Our goal in the short term is to ensure provision of nutritious, wholesome and healthy food at affordable process, so as to ensure high standards of health and well-being for the masses.

Our Values

Ethics and Integrity

Healthy and Wholesome

Product Sustainability

Sustainable Practices

Dissemination of Technology

Value Supply Chain


Mr. Agha Salman

Mr. Salman has over eighteen years of experience in varied fields related to food products. A supply chain professional, he is a highly motivated individual who interacts with people from different backgrounds to obtain valuable clients for maintaining Green Tech Farm’s vision of providing quality products with value addition and a robust supply chain mechanism.

Mr. Shariq Siddiqui

Mr. Siddiqui has vast experience in the field of management and logistics. An engineer by profession, Mr. Siddiqui will be overseeing all operations of Green Tech Farms. Their vision is to expand product base by maintaining quality of product and an efficient supply chain mechanism and by continuous improvement in organizational structure through valuable inputs by clients and users.

Dr. Muhammad Ishaq

Dr. Ishaq is an agricultural scientist, expert in horticulture business and organic farming, with specialization in Research and Development. From farming with the latest technology to packaging with the current and international standards, Dr. Ishaq is an expert who will be able to guide and shape the standard operating procedures (SOPs) at Green Tech Farms.